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Engine Machining Services


Engine Machining Services

6 James St, Bellevue WA 6056

About Engine Machining Services:


EMS commenced business in 2006, when Dean and Robyn Whisson assumed control of Stewarts Automotives - a long-standing supplier of reconditioning services in Midland - and relocated to their current facility in James St, Bellevue.


Dean is an enthusiastic professional engine rebuilder and machinist, whose passion for all things automotive has seen him acquire a depth of knowledge of motor vehicle engines that is hard to beat. Working on engines of all sizes, from single-cylinder kart motors to the supercharged methanol monster that flung Stuart Rowland's 1986 Pontiac Firebird funny car down the Kwinana quarter mile in under 6 seconds, has  given Dean a breadth of experience to match his knowledge.


A perfectionist by nature, Dean ensures that all work performed by EMS passes the strictest quality standards, and his loyal client base attests to that fact.